Audit Services

Audit Services2018-01-05T18:14:05-04:00

Financial statements are integral in analyzing the financial stability of any business or organization. In addition, they provide valuable insight for business owners or governing boards to make vital decisions on the future of their business or organization. An audit provides the necessary assurance that the financial statements being reviewed can be relied upon.

We understand that most businesses and organizations do not look forward to an audit. At Rotz & Stonesifer, P.C. our approach is to develop a relationship with management and accounting personnel. This allows for adjustments and internal control communications to be seen as an added value, as opposed to a score card of management’s mistakes during the year. Also, we provide advice throughout the audit on opportunities to improve internal controls and operating efficiencies. At the conclusion of the audit, we present your financial statements to management or the board of directors along with any operating recommendations from our auditing procedures.

Upon request, we will confidentially compare your financial performance against that of your competition and present the findings.  We focus on areas that are critical for operational decision making, such as sales and liquidity. This process allows us to identify budgetary goals, market opportunities and areas where your business underperforms compared to its peer group.

Through attending seminars and conferences, our professionals are able to learn valuable trends and developments in our clients’ industries. This allows us to identify significant risks in the current year financial statements as well as provide planning opportunities for the future.

We serve clients in the following industries:

  • Contractors
  • School districts
  • Local governments
  • Municipal authorities
  • Not-for-profit organizations
  • Grain cooperatives
  • Libraries
  • Manufacturing/light industry
  • Employee benefit plans
  • Ambulance and Fire Companies