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Spotlight Article
from the PA Department of Community and Economic Development

Leap of Faith
In 2004, Jim Shuster took a leap of faith, and left behind a promising career as a foreman for a local construction company in search of a lifelong dream. He combined his experience in earth moving and expertise in explosives with an unbridled entrepreneurial spirit and formed Newville Construction Services, Inc. Today, Newville Construction Services, Inc. and its related entities provide construction, demolition and excavating services to customers in Pennsylvania, Maryland, Ohio, Delaware, Virginia, West Virginia and New Jersey.

The first years of existence for Newville Construction Services, Inc. followed the typical pattern of most small businesses. Jim’s goal first and foremost was to keep the bills paid and keep his employees at work. And, while he proved his competence at both of those goals, quite possibly one of his greatest success stories and testaments to his business savviness was his ability to navigate his company through the economic downturn beginning in 2008. Not only was he able to keep the bills paid and his employees working, he expanded his business in a time when so many others were shutting their doors. Beginning in 2010, Newville Construction Services, Inc. started a streak of consecutive years with exponential growth.

The Next Level
In 2012, Jim, his wife Heidi, and two sons formed Newville Electrical Services, Inc. and Eleven Oaks Farms, LLC. In addition to the new entities, business levels had reached yet another all-time high. Only having used a small firm until that point, Jim and his family decided it was time to begin interviewing other accounting firms that were better positioned to take their businesses to the next level.

Jim and Family met with a few local accounting firms and made their decision following their meeting with Lynn Rotz and team. “After evaluating several accounting firms, we chose Rotz & Stonesifer, P.C. because they took the time to evaluate our company’s needs and provide us with comprehensive advice.” says Jim. He felt as though Lynn was able to better recognize their business’ uniqueness and individuality.

Since engagement in 2012, Newville Construction Services, Inc. and the Shuster’s have utilized Rotz & Stonesifer, P.C. in various ways. In addition to general business accounting, payroll, and tax preparation, Rotz & Stonesifer, P.C. has assisted Newville Construction Services, Inc. with overseeing the interrelations of the various entities, defining a clearer cost structure for job costing, compliance with various state business regulations, human resource management and compliance, as well as personal accounting.

If you would like to learn more about Newville Construction, please visit their website at or call 717-776-6297.