Penn Wood Products

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Penn Wood Products, Inc. is a manufacturer and supplier of pre-finished wood moldings, retro-treads and retro-risers and premium wood fuel pellets. Since 1942, Penn Wood Products, Inc. has been providing the highest quality hardwood floor and stair transition products to North America.

They use wood from all over the world, have the ability to simulate different looks and textures of moldings to match the flooring and use in-house research and development to provide the latest and most competitive products on the market.

With passionate employees who believe in their products, Penn Wood Products, Inc. has grown greatly over the years. They are dedicated to helping their community through donations of materials and reducing their environmental impact. They reduce waste by recycling the wood fibers into premium wood fuel pellets, investing in energy reducing initiatives, and implementing numerous recycling programs.

Penn Wood Products, Inc. strives for a complete customer service satisfaction in their products, delivery, services and pricing and prides themselves in partnering with other companies who do the same.

If you would like to learn more about Penn Wood Products, Inc., please visit their website at or call 717-259-9551.