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At the young age of five, Terry Shetron knew he wanted to be an auctioneer. Terry’s father was a horse trader and his uncle a cow trader, so he grew up around the auction business and learned the fine art of buying and selling at an early age.  His two dreams in life were to be an auctioneer and to own an excavating company.  So far, one of those dreams has come true.

After high school, Terry started working for Keen Transport.  Today he still has a great relationship with Keen Transport, and considers the company one of his best customers.  In 1990, he started his first company, a stair and rail structural business, which he later sold in 2003.  A year later he started Shetron Auction & Equipment, LLC, where he works full-time auctioning used construction equipment.  Besides local buyers, Shetron has sold equipment globally, including the United States, Bagdad, England, South Africa, Russia, Scotland, Brazil, and Canada. Terry also operates both Shetron Manufacturing and Shetron Farms.  Shetron Manufacturing builds high-end horse trailers that can be constructed to haul from 3 to 12 horses, while Shetron Farms is engaged in the purchase and sale of cattle.  He employs 15 people among the three companies.

Terry has had many mentors who have started out with nothing and grew into something, and he takes every opportunity to listen to them to figure out what will work for him.  One day while deer hunting, a friend overheard him complaining about a recent business experience and recommended he talk with Rotz & Stonesifer.  After checking out the website and seeing a picture of Lynn Rotz fishing he thought, “what do I want with this yahoo?”  Nonetheless, Terry decided to make the call and set up an appointment.  He adds, “It was the best thing that ever happened to me business-wise and accountant-wise.”  Normally, he doesn’t keep an accountant more than five years because he can’t stand them.  But he now refers to Lynn Rotz as a slightly older brother and states that when he gets the fishing line out too far, Lynn is the one who will reel him in.  The thing Terry admires about Lynn is his organization and how he was able to help get Shetron organized.  Terry says he has never in his life looked so good to a bank.

One of Terry’s best traits is his enjoyment in giving to charity.  He supports the 4-H, FFA, high school and youth rodeo.  In his spare time, Terry also enjoys rodeo calf roping.  He’s a real, true-blue cowboy!

If you would like to learn more about Shetron Auction, please visit their website at or call 717-532-8828.