At Rotz & Stonesifer, we’ve positioned ourselves in the community as more than accountants and advisors, but as your first resource when it comes to big-picture decisions that affect the everyday team structuring. We aim to help you achieve the highest return on every financial move you make; equipping you to be confident in your own expertise by trusting professionals who understand the value of the dollar and small business relationships. Whether it’s an IRS breach and the negative implications on your taxes to savings tools, our capabilities are an invaluable asset to your company culture.


Every tool we have reflects years of hard work; a culmination of time, effort, and collaboration within the company and around the community. After thirty years in business with a projection of growth that solidifies our place in the accounting industry, we promise to boost yours. If you’re new to the area or just heard of us, we’re excited to introduce you to the future of accounting made easy – accounting taken off your plate.


Numbers are our community love language and how we help others. However, the only time they do not matter here at Rotz & Stonesifer is when quality supersedes quantity. We’re dedicated to working hard for you to deliver accurate results, every time, every day. Our mission is simple; our results steadfast.


When you choose Rotz & Stonesifer for your accounting, consulting, or wealth management needs, you select an agency that is as upfront as an ending balance. Not only are we transparent about our company standards, culture, and neighborhood participation, but we’re passionate about keeping you updated and educated on the big, small and seemingly unimportant components of your transactions and records. Every detail matters. Whether it’s how we run our business or how we handle yours, we’re proud to be a transparent role model.